Monday, October 17, 2016

My remarkable prophecy

Reeking Lums,  save yourselves, 

The end of the world is nigh,

They've been predicting that for quite a while of course, the Mayans were so sure they developed a countdown calendar and a tourist attraction, but all through the ages, people have proclaimed the ending is pending.   

Remarkably inaccurate and shit prophecies
Even Old Mother Shipton,  one of the stars of the Yorkshire tourist board , who like to tell you her hermit cave is worth a visit,  had a go.  She apparently said  "The world to an end shall come, In eighteen hundred and eighty one".  It makes me a bit suspicious that she had to make it rhyme, nevertheless, she had a go but  was ultimately a better mad old woman than she was a predictor of Armageddon's.  

Then consider, Camille Flammarion.  He predicted that the appearance of Halleys comet "would impregnate the atmosphere and possibly snuff out all life on the planet", but not the planet itself.  He came up with the effective medication of "Comet pills"  to protect against toxic gases, like deja bird-flu, all over again. 

And isn't it strange how end of the world prophecies tend to ignore real threats to the planet, like the Cuban missile crisis and the defrosting ice caps, its always angry Jesus coming back to kick our ungrateful asses.   
You don't need to be Nostra-F-Ing-Damus to see this coming. 
You would think with all that's going on in humanity the enders would be blasting out their grim predictions with confetti guns, the likelihood of one of them actually getting it right for once must be higher than usual. 

So how can I be so sure that things are close to the end when so many before me have been so obviously wrong and deluded?  Well, I'm so convinced that we are getting near the end of the road  because we have, in case you haven't noticed,  just about reached the zenith of swearyness.  

C*nt, a word so heinous and evil that I've even had to disguise it just then to prevent me vomiting all over my keyboard,  has become utilitarian, just a common expletive to add urgency, stress a point, get a little attention or make sure people know your seriously hard, or just serious...and hard.  We are using them as if they were an inexhaustible resource like trees and Elephants .    Once the ultimate swear word has become accepted as a viable option to describe someone who is a right prick, " What a C*nt" or or a state of extreme  tiredness or drunkenness " tell you what, that c*nts had 6 Malibu and pineapples and he looks c*nted to me"  or a task so difficult its almost impossible to comprehend " listen to this, after lunch they want us to  solve the faster than light neutrino anomaly, that's going to be c*unting tricky". 

So what happens when the ultimate shock value 4 letter curse become so ubiquitous and commonplace it loses its C-Bomb status?  Well, Its fucking obvious to me, civilisation as we know it ends and we all get to start again in the pre-swear stone age, like those c*nts the Taliban. 

When I was a lad, you might hear "Bloody" on the TV, that was heavy duty swearing,  but as Fuck became more common, probably around the time Thatcher was at full enveloping darkness,  Bloody became an almost polite sweary alternative to an explosive snarling fuck, I see the same thing happening now, folk slip a "fuckin"  in, not even when they are angry or upset, just as a little value add to whatever they are describing at the time.   How long before all the shocking fucks in the world run out and all we are left with is conversational fucks, we become so desensitised that for impact  we have to turn to c*nt, c*unting, c*unted...., c*unty doesnt really work, and then my friends, we are circling the sweary drain. 
We could be one rant away from the apocolypse

So how close are we to armac*nton?  Well,  Donald Trump wisely opted for " pussy" when describing how he likes to grab his women, he could just as easily said " c*unt", that would have been a serious escalation of the jeopardy we face, still, thankfully,  he's c*nting unelectable, so that would only leave us with a sitting
President, the Pope or The Queen of England to utter it then we are all fucked.  Prince Philip doesn't count, thank heavens.  
Oi, CUNT! 

So how do we save ourselves, how do we push back the event horizon of our own demise.   Rocket ships to Mars wont help, after the year long journey the first person off the spaceship will exclaim " if they  think I'm colonising a planet with they useless c*nts in there, they can go get fucked"  then they're right back where they started, er, before they've even begun. 

Its easier coming up with new anti-biotics than it is swear words, so we cant rely on that.   What we could try and do is recycle some old ones that have gone out of fashion though.  Try these for size, Zooterkins, Gadzooks,  Potsblitz.    I know, its hard to be satisfied with those, but in a sentence they might do the trick, " Gadzooks,  I've not shared that viral post on Facebook, now every Zooterkin will think I have nothing against cancer...Potsblitz!"  Fuck! we're all c*nting going to die.

This has been Reeking Lum reporting from the End of the World.